Friday, May 25, 2007

Do you even know I exist?


Today Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End is coming out!!! HOORAY!!! Acutally, it came out yesterday at 8pm. This is the fact that is killing me. I really wanted to go yesterday, but yesterday I was very sick, and of the 24 hours that were in the day yesterday, I slept for 16.5 of them. Its very important to me to make it to the opening day of a film that I am very excited about. Its all about making sure the numbers are awesome for the films you love. Gawain and I aren't the only people this matters to. I've had a friend who refused to go to the opening weekend of Star Wars episode 3 just to punish George Lucas for what a horrible job he did on episode 2. I know. Its a weird twisted world I live in. Even weirder than making sure I count in the tally of big opening weekends is my desire to dress up in the appropriate attire to match some movies. For instance, I would totally love to dress up as a pirate wench to go to the movies tonight.

Instead, I have a pirate shirt and a pirate ring I got from disney world that I will be wearing instead.
Other movies I have dressed up for would be Coyote Ugly my sis and I dressed up like bottle tossing skank whores saw the movie the opening day of the film.

Charle's Angels, my 4 roommates and I dressed up like crime fighting skank whores.

The Matrix Reloaded and The Matrix Revolutions my guyfriend and I dressed up like Trinity and Morpheous (which was weird for him since he is white and Morpheous is not). We saw both movies at the Midnight showing opening day.

I also wore a Star Wars shirt and did my hair like Princess Leia for the opening of Starwars:Episode 3. Also a midnight viewing of the show the opening day, in fact we went again at the 1030am showing the same day to watch it again.

In the end, does it even matter that I dress up? Does it matter I go the first day instead of the 15th day a film is out? To me it TOTALLY does! I just hope that the movie people recognize!!!

ps: Doesn't Johnny Depp look yummy in that "pirates" movie poster?

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

A long time ago...we used to be friends...

Oh Veronica Mars!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! How can that be the end!?!?!?!?!

Last night was the final episodes of one of my favorite tv shows call Veronica Mars. First off it went badly because I missed the memo that it started at 8pm instead of 9pm so Gawain is going to have to download the missed episode to see what we missed. Then! I want more than anything in the world for Logan and Veronica to be back together. It looked like, if the show would continue, that it was going to go in that direction, for Logan was doing all kinds of 'heroics' to keep Veronica safe, but of course, how will we ever know what happened to them?????? I hate you CW!! I hate everyone that didn't watch Veronica Mars and give it good ratings!!!!! WAHHHHHHH!!!!!

From L to R: Weeval, Parker, Wallace, Pez, Veronica, Keith Mars, Logan, Dick, Mac, Sherif Lamb

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Pomp and Circumstance

Well, Last week I was able to go home and hang with the fam. Home for me is in Lake Worth, FL, and oh what a glorious place it is! My parents live 15 minutes from a great beach and 20 min. from an AWESOME beach. Its usually sunny and warm. I really really really LOVE to visit my family the most though because I get to see them! I usually only get to see them for 5-7 days every year. Sometimes its hard not being able to see them very often, sometimes its not, but I'm always reminded of how much I truly did miss them once I get home to fl.

This particular visit was warrented due to the fact that my little baby brother was graduating from high school. It still blows my mind that he is of graduation age! Any way, so I get to fl the first day and my poor dad is trying to finish the yard. He just had a patio put in and the patio people had made a huge mess of the yard and had messed up the sprinkler system. So guess who got to clean up after the patio people...thats right his lovely children! ANyway, so the first day sucked like crazy (8 hours of manual labor is NOT my idea of a vaca). Next day, beach time! I finally got to go with my sister and her boyfriend and I totally toasted the back of my legs but still got not burned color elsewhere. Next day was the graduation. For a graduation class of 500+, an hour and a half graduation was suprisingly short and sweet. Some pics to capture the moment:

My littlest sis and I being bored

The smartest 18 year old I know (except for maybe the validictorian of his class...a 5.0 GPA??who knew??)

So we had a huge awesome party for my bro that night (by the way, its worth mentioning that after 8 hours of manual labor to pretty up the yard had been accomplished for said party, it rained and no one was able to go outside and enjoy the awesome patio and even more awesome yard) and the next day......DISNEY WORLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Disney World is my absolute positively most favorite place on earth. I could go a gazillion times and never ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever be tired of it!!!! I'm gettin all giddy just writing about it. It truly is the happiest place on earth and dreams really do come true there. Anyway,we went to Epcot and it was totally awesome. The weather was perfect! The crowd control was perfect!! it was just a great time!!! Even more fun was searching for "hidden Mickeys" which is my favorite thing to do at the parks. Here are some of the highlights, in pictures, of the fun:

hooray for mickey!! also check out my blue shirted sisters boob job!

an infamous "hidden mickey" that I found with out the aid of the guide

my most favorite disney princess ever: Sleeping Beauty aka Princess Aurora aka Briar Rose

Me gettin eaten by Bruice the great white shark

Holding up Spaceship Earth with jets of water shooting out of my hands

I sure wish Gawain liked Disney world as much as I did so we could spend every vaca there. So I'm done boring you with my travels but here are a couple of pictures of my littlest sister and I at the beach:

Me about to get totally wiped out by a huge wave (it doesn't look that big but I went head over heels face first into the water)

My littlest sis and I enjoying a last couple of minutes together before I leave for the airport