Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Is your refrigerator running?

Yesterday, Gawain called in the morning shortly after he left for work:

Gawain: Umm Blowes just called, they are delivering the fridge today between 9 and 11.

Vesper: (looks at clock to see it is 830am, like any other normal mom at home with newborn, is still in p.j.s) Oh, well let me go then so I can take a shower really fast and clean out the fridge.

Two hours later, I am showered, dressed, the fridge has been properly de-condimentized (seriously, how do we have more condiments than actual food to eat in our fridge?), freezer has been organized for quick evacuation, and all of the magnets and drawings have been cleaned off the outside of the fridge.

It is now 30min past when I was supposed to feed the Professor. Not wanting to be caught with my shirt off, I heat up the bottle that Gawain is supposed to feed him and start feeding him. Seriously not 1 minute later, Blowes shows up with the fridge.

Way too cute to be delivery girl: Did you measure this door when measuring for the fridge?

Vesper: (Mildly horrified) Humm..actually no I didn't!

To make a really long and bitter situation really short, the fridge would not fit into the door into our kitchen. Its measurements were something like 26 and 3/4 in, and the door was about the same. Solution presented was to take off the door jam, which Blowes would not do.

Vesper (in bathroom talking to Gawain on phone): What should I have them do??

Gawain: Can't they just plug it in in the living room????

Thus how we ended up having our fridge, plugged in, in the living room. Needless to say, dinner was annoying to make last night.

Notice a not happy Professor X "mommy I hate the fridge in the living room!"

Luckily, Gawain was finally able to get the fridge into the kitchen, but that is another story for a different time.

Oopsy mommy, you messed up!


Marie said...

I'm with the Prof. Refrigerators in living rooms are highly troubling.

Let me guess -- did he get it to fit by opening both fridge doors all the way and turning it sideways?? Or did he just get a running start and slam it through the doorway?

Vesper said...

He got a running start and slammed it through the doorway. It was actually quite effective!

Diana said...

that is hillarious!