Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The story of a boy and a girl


Boy meets girl

Girl becomes crazy stalker-like obsessed over boy

Boy leaves on 2 year mission

Girl tries to forget boy, but just can't

Boy comes home to find girl engaged to someone else (hey, he told me not to wait!)

Girl and "other man" break up(Not because of boy, but it could have been....)

Boy woos girl

Girl didn't really need to be wooed, but is wooed right away

Boy proposes to girl

Girl is estatic! All her dreams are coming true!

Boy and girl are married(married!)

Boy and girl live happily ever after.....

The end!(or the beginning?)

Happy fifth wedding anniversary Gawain!
I hate to say it this way, but you are my dream come true
I love you!
(Hey, I said at the beginning, if you didn't like the mush, then head for the hills!)

*note: Our anniversary was actually Feb 21...sorry Gawain...I couldn't find all of the pictures I wanted!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

The Oscar Night That Could Have Ended in Horror...HORROR!!!

  One of Vesper's favorite nights of the year is Oscar night.  We board up the house, turn off the phones, and dig in.  Well, most pundits felt pretty strongly that the Best Supporting Actor Oscar would be awarded posthumously to Heath Ledger and I felt the same way.  (Especially since that was the only role I had actually watched prior to the Oscars)  So, in a fit of overconfidence I pronounced to Vesper, "If Heath Ledger doesn't win Oscar for Best Supporting Actor I will run naked down our street and back at 9PM tonight."  IMMEDIATELY after saying this a great doubt began to gnaw at me.  I mean, of course Heath Ledger would win...right?  How could he not?  Well, for one thing...he was in a superhero movie.  Those are never taken seriously at the Oscars.  Philip Seymour Hoffman seems to win EVERY time he is nominated for anything.  OH CRAP!  Of course, I kept a cool, calm, and collected exterior during the event but we very nearly had most horrible ending to a very nice evening.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

A Valentines Tip for the Office Bound

I thought that this was a great, simple idea. 

Have fun making heart shaped paperclips for those that you love.

Friday, February 6, 2009

Words can't even describe....

Sunday night, Vesper recieves a text from Gawain, who is on  a walk with Froggy:

Call me as soon as you are done feeding the Professor

Vesper, concerned that something is wrong, quickly calls Gawain

Vesper:  What's wrong is everything ok?

Gawain:  (Can barely talk from laughing) You will never belive what I just saw

Vesper:  What?

Gawain:  I was walking by that house on the corner and I can't be sure, but I think I saw the two people who live there having sex!!!!

Vesper: WHA?!?!?

Gawain:  I know!  All I could see was the girl but she was *moving* like she was on top of someone..and she had her shirt on.  I didn't want to be a pervert because I had already stood there and stared in disbelief for like 10 seconds so I kept walking

Vesper:  Holy Crap!  That is hilarious!  Maybe she's comforting him for Arizona losing the  Super Bowl....