Friday, February 6, 2009

Words can't even describe....

Sunday night, Vesper recieves a text from Gawain, who is on  a walk with Froggy:

Call me as soon as you are done feeding the Professor

Vesper, concerned that something is wrong, quickly calls Gawain

Vesper:  What's wrong is everything ok?

Gawain:  (Can barely talk from laughing) You will never belive what I just saw

Vesper:  What?

Gawain:  I was walking by that house on the corner and I can't be sure, but I think I saw the two people who live there having sex!!!!

Vesper: WHA?!?!?

Gawain:  I know!  All I could see was the girl but she was *moving* like she was on top of someone..and she had her shirt on.  I didn't want to be a pervert because I had already stood there and stared in disbelief for like 10 seconds so I kept walking

Vesper:  Holy Crap!  That is hilarious!  Maybe she's comforting him for Arizona losing the  Super Bowl....

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Dugi said...

omgoodness! hahahha that's hilarious! :) hows the prof? and have u got facebook yet?