Monday, January 26, 2009

Knitting Projects #3, 4, & 5

So I've been busy trying to complete the baby blanket I was commissioned to knit.  Here it is finally!:

The cute recipient enjoying his blankie

Since that "big" project was done, I had an explosion of little projects that I wanted to do, and so I knitted up this hat while I was watching the premier of season 5 for Lost.

I liked it but decided two strands of this yarn were too bulky and one strand made the hat too thin (it's made with one and I can see the little Professor's head peaking through the holes).  I decided to get different yarn and try it with the recommended two strands.  I also knit it in the round this time, instead of on the recommended straight needles and then sewing up a seam (which i completely loathe doing).  This is how it turned out:

Very awesome, I think, not because I knitted it, just because it's a really easy project that turns out totally awesome.  Took only about an hour to do.  Too bad the Professor lost it in the grocery store the very next day :o(

Dear Mommy, I'm sorry I lost my hat.  I just get too hot sometimes.  Please make me another one. Love the Professor


Arizona Glades said...

You are so talented! I love that pointy hat.

Dugi said...

an hour to knit that? Vespa, u rock my world! its just too cute...but not as cute as the Prof