Monday, June 23, 2008

Why you should never talk about anyone behind their backs

Vesper, having a couple of moments alone from her parents while in Idaho, composes a text to Isabel:

My mom hated the sexy mermaid onesie. It was SOO AWESOME!!

Vesper presses send. She thinks about how she doesn't really remember putting Isabel's phone number in. When she looks up the text, to her horror she realizes she put in her mom's phone number instead of Isabel's!

Panicking, she calls her little sister, Twiggy:

Twiggy: Hello?


Twiggy: OK!

Twiggy, able to get whatever she wants from Vesper's parents, tells Mom that she must use her phone and runs outside to Vesper.

Twiggy: Mom was wondering what's going on ...she knows she got a text.

Vesper: OK, I'll just text her my order for lunch really quick

Disaster averted, Vesper realizes that she shouldn't talk bad about people any more, or at least not send the bad talking text to the person it is about.

The infamous sexy mermaid onesie courtesy of May

Idaho: The Potato State!

My parents and Grandma were all in Idaho this past week, which meant that I was obligated to drive down with Professor X to see everyone. Here are some Highlights (and Lowlights) of the trip:

  • The Professor sleeping most of the 7hour 35 min journey (Awesome!)
  • The journey actually taking 10 hours (not awesome!)
  • The car getting 40 mpg (SWEET!)
  • Being viciously attacked by a swarm of mosquitoes at a rest stop in Oregon (one of the lowest points of the trip)
  • My Grandma meeting her first great grandson for the first time (Tubular!)
  • My mom deciding that we must revisit every single home and school and church she ever lived in/attended while living in Idaho (VERY BORING!!)
  • The weather being 85+ degrees every day and sunny (great compared to the 40 degrees and rainy it has been in Seattle)
  • No working a/c in any house we stayed in so the Professor being perpetually grouchy (Sucky!)
  • Me getting an awesome haircut for $12....the first haircut since the Professor was born (HOORAY!!!)
  • No one noticing said awesome haircut..including Gawain (really? It looks so much better than before!)
  • The Professor crying almost nonstop because he misses Gawain/is burning hot/hates ancient people...(really I felt like a single parent because I had no relief at guys rock and how do you do it????)
  • My little sister (who actually isn't that little...16 and supermodelish in height and looks) coming home to spend 10 days with us (Its going to totally rock!)
  • Listening to Eclipse by Stephaine Myer so I can have an intelligent book club recap with Isabel (very convenient for a 10 hour drive)
  • Almost vomiting about a billion times over really how cheesy the book is...and cursing it because I can't stop listening to the drama over the love triangle between Bella, Edward and Jacob (really...Bella is kind of a whore...and clueless most of the time)
I just have to say I am SOOOO happy to be home and SOO happy I live in the Northwest where it doesn't get too hot!

Thanks mommy for finally finishing my pirate beanie....That was the highlight of my trip!

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Who knew Nine Inch Nails could sound so good?

So when the Professor came home, since we love music so much we knew that we would have to instill this love for it in him as well. We also didn't own any lullaby type things to lull him to sleep with, so I just created a playlist on my ipod that had things like Dido, Coldplay, Jack Johnson, U2 and John Mayer on it. Gawain quickly got tired of listening to this playlist and decided to take the matter into his own hands. After searching the internet this is what he came up with:

That's right. He totally found hard rockin' songs in a lullaby format! They sound pretty neat, and what's more, Professor X loves them! We now have in our possession the lullaby formats of Green Day, Nine Inch Nails, Coldplay, Bob Marley, and No Doubt. We found that you could have lullaby renditions of Slayer songs, but decided that NIN was as hard as we were going for our baby.

Green Day totally rocks!!!