Monday, June 23, 2008

Idaho: The Potato State!

My parents and Grandma were all in Idaho this past week, which meant that I was obligated to drive down with Professor X to see everyone. Here are some Highlights (and Lowlights) of the trip:

  • The Professor sleeping most of the 7hour 35 min journey (Awesome!)
  • The journey actually taking 10 hours (not awesome!)
  • The car getting 40 mpg (SWEET!)
  • Being viciously attacked by a swarm of mosquitoes at a rest stop in Oregon (one of the lowest points of the trip)
  • My Grandma meeting her first great grandson for the first time (Tubular!)
  • My mom deciding that we must revisit every single home and school and church she ever lived in/attended while living in Idaho (VERY BORING!!)
  • The weather being 85+ degrees every day and sunny (great compared to the 40 degrees and rainy it has been in Seattle)
  • No working a/c in any house we stayed in so the Professor being perpetually grouchy (Sucky!)
  • Me getting an awesome haircut for $12....the first haircut since the Professor was born (HOORAY!!!)
  • No one noticing said awesome haircut..including Gawain (really? It looks so much better than before!)
  • The Professor crying almost nonstop because he misses Gawain/is burning hot/hates ancient people...(really I felt like a single parent because I had no relief at guys rock and how do you do it????)
  • My little sister (who actually isn't that little...16 and supermodelish in height and looks) coming home to spend 10 days with us (Its going to totally rock!)
  • Listening to Eclipse by Stephaine Myer so I can have an intelligent book club recap with Isabel (very convenient for a 10 hour drive)
  • Almost vomiting about a billion times over really how cheesy the book is...and cursing it because I can't stop listening to the drama over the love triangle between Bella, Edward and Jacob (really...Bella is kind of a whore...and clueless most of the time)
I just have to say I am SOOOO happy to be home and SOO happy I live in the Northwest where it doesn't get too hot!

Thanks mommy for finally finishing my pirate beanie....That was the highlight of my trip!

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KaraNPap said...

love love love love love the pirate beanie...could your mommy make a grown up size?