Tuesday, February 24, 2009

The Oscar Night That Could Have Ended in Horror...HORROR!!!

  One of Vesper's favorite nights of the year is Oscar night.  We board up the house, turn off the phones, and dig in.  Well, most pundits felt pretty strongly that the Best Supporting Actor Oscar would be awarded posthumously to Heath Ledger and I felt the same way.  (Especially since that was the only role I had actually watched prior to the Oscars)  So, in a fit of overconfidence I pronounced to Vesper, "If Heath Ledger doesn't win Oscar for Best Supporting Actor I will run naked down our street and back at 9PM tonight."  IMMEDIATELY after saying this a great doubt began to gnaw at me.  I mean, of course Heath Ledger would win...right?  How could he not?  Well, for one thing...he was in a superhero movie.  Those are never taken seriously at the Oscars.  Philip Seymour Hoffman seems to win EVERY time he is nominated for anything.  OH CRAP!  Of course, I kept a cool, calm, and collected exterior during the event but we very nearly had most horrible ending to a very nice evening.

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Arizona Glades said...

Seeing as how I did not watch the Oscars, I don't know the result. I am assuming you didn't have to run naked down the street. But that would have been a great story! PS. Matt has lost so many bets he owes me about 5.32324 billion dogs at this point.