Tuesday, August 19, 2008

How much is that doggie in the window?

Our neighbor, it ends up, is a professional dog groomer...like he used to do it for dog shows. Now he travels around in a van and goes to people's houses and grooms their animals(it must be noted that we discovered this because he drove the pet-mobile grooming van up the driveway we share and parks it there every night!). He offered to do Froggy for us, especially because he looked like this:

An hour and about 5 pounds of hair later, Froggy looked like this:

Gawain wasn't especially thrilled, especially now that we could see his family jewels (Froggy's, not Gawain's) loud and clear......I personally think he looks AWESOME!

The Professor gives his approval!

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Arizona Glades said...

I like your hair cut, froggy. You look very handsome. I bet all the girl froggies are chasing you.