Monday, January 5, 2009

Merry Christmas to us

Yes I do realize this post is a bit late.

Busyness ensued at the end of this past year, what with trying to get us all ready to enjoy a sunny and warm Christmas in Florida with my family.

I thought I'd highlight some of the details from the trip.

  • The Professor's amazing performance on both the flights there and back (dude 10 hours is a long time for a 9 month old to have to sit still and not scream)
  • The unseasonably warm weather we enjoyed (yes it was 80 and sunny and we got to go to the beach or pool everyday....heaven!!!!)
  • Seeing my family I never get to see
  • Seeing my BIL before he goes to Afghanistan in March for a year (war sucks, please come home safe and sound!)
  • Getting a wall mount for our TV to fix this problem
Do you see it? come closer...

Now do you see it? No? Come closer still....

Yes those would be the Professor's itty bitty hand and finger prints all over our TV. Like I said, Merry Christmas to us for getting a wall TV mount!

I hope everyone enjoyed their Christmas and Holiday seasons!
ps: one of my new year's resolutions is to win a contest! (anyone will do...I just want to win one). Hopefully I can start out the new year right and win this one, because dude, those boots are ROCKIN! Wish me luck!


Arizona Glades said...

Oh the joy of finger prints. Sigh...our TV is too big (like the old fashioned kind, not flat screen) to put up on the wall, and our entertainment center has glass doors (I long for a new one) - and there have been finger prints on them all for 2 years now... I think before that it was Cody slobber...

Dugi said...

You look so GREAT!!! and the Prof has grown so much and is so adorable. Please post more pics of him! I didn't get what u meant in the first pic and then i laughed...he can reach that high? nice TV shiney...i love it and i can understand that Prof may too. lol