Monday, November 2, 2009

Knitting: Update

Ugh. I can't even remember the last time I updated this blog. I'm sorry its taken so long. I'm sure some of you are tired of only seeing the last post. Well here I am ready to update. Since it was a very hot, very busy summer, I didn't do much knitting. But here are all of the projects I've completed since the last time I talked about knitting. (not pictured is another blanket like this one and a mini one like it for traveling)

A meat head hat for the Professor.

Mermaid fingerless gloves for a gift exchange

A hat for my baby sis (my mom added a pom pom since this picture was taken)

More meathead hats (dude they are just so easy to make!)

Did I mention that they look great with little baby booties?

Take another look and see what I mean...

This lady at my church has three grandbabies due at the same I made these

Here get a closer look.

Holy crap they are SOOO CUTE!!!! (I've made 2 pairs in this baby girl pink yarn!)

A scrubby pad made out of antibacterial acrylic yarn (I actually made 2). I was commissioned at church to make easy knitting projects for our stake's super saturday.

A washcloth to go with the scrubby pad(made 2 of these too!)

A hat to trade with my friend for a cool camping pan.

Soooo coool huh!?

More meathead hats! Although with this one I forgot to knit inbetween every decrease row so it turned out a little stumpy.

So if I counted correctly, I think that's brought the total up to 30 completed projects this year. Oh wait, I just remembered I made a pumpkin hat for one of my other friend's nephews. That would be 31 then. On the needles currently (or inline to be knit) are 2 skull and crossbones hats, 3 of the wavy hats, one more booty and mermaid fingerless gloves. There is simply not enough time in the day!


Apryl said...

Did you count the SUPER AWESOME hats you made the girls? Here's Gretchen working her hat at the pumpkin patch. Topless.

Diana Glade said...

Stef, since you are so cool at knitting, do you know how to turn hand towels into the things that can hang on your fridge via knitting a little top part with a loop? I hope that makes sense. Anyway, I would totally pay you to make me some! LMK about that! :)