Thursday, April 5, 2007

Beginnings - A slight introduction

You may be asking yourself, "How and why does this all begin?" Well, let me give you at least the beginning of an answer. Firstly, Vesper was inspired by Isabel's blog. Secondly, I have dabbled a bit in the past and have been intrigued by blogging myself for quite some time. So, we're excited to start a little blog of our own with our little guy Froggy pitching in from time to time. (He's always talking about how he is ready for the big time)
It'll be interesting to see what kind of journal/venting grounds this place will become. Will we stay interested enough to post on any sort of regular basis? Will we remember the noteworthy things in our life? Will anyone else will read/identify with our blog? Do we care? Should we care?
I'm not sure exactly how Vesper plans to use this spot, but I'm sure that I will mostly talk about music, movies, life, and my response to them. For instance, the Namesake is sometime moving but overall rambling and under delivering film. View in the theater at your own risk, rent at your discretion. I am currently very much into the Greek new wave group Marsheaux and find their musical arrangements charged with electricity, but their singing somewhat disappointing. They are at their best covering or remixing songs, but their own material is still great. Certainly worth a listen if you are into early 80's post disco electro-pop. (Why anyone should care what I think of anything is very good question in and of itself. But since this is partially my blog I think that the answer can and should be that I do and that should be enough.)
I'm fairly sure that you'll enjoy Vesper's posts much more than my own since she is a better person and writer than I am. Hopefully Froggy will treat us and chime in from time to time.


Isabel said...
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Gawain said...

I'll leave the definitive answer to Vesper, but she enjoyed and was so enthralled by your blog that she was inspired to begin keeping a blog herself. And, since I'm married to the lovely lady, and she was worried about putting out enough content, I decided to join in. So, thusly, you (and the sweet babboo) inspired the creation of this blog.