Thursday, April 5, 2007

Burn baby, BURN!

I don't really know what to say so here it goes.

So i just went to this candle party. First of all, a candle party? who knew such things exsisted? And why are such things called parties? Its not like we're hanging out having a good time. Everyone there may be slightly interested in going for the goods, but mostly they just feel guilty turning down the host or hostess so they go knowing they are going to spend ridiculous amounts of money on not very cool stuff so that they don't feel guilty. The only exception to the rule is a Shade Clothing party because at those you can actually try on the clothes and usually get free shipping (awesome!!!!). Anywho so the sales lady is up there pitching, i don't know, whatever, and she keeps talking about how we should all host our own candle party? lady, its about to be summer, when its light like 20 hours of the day, we don't need to burn candles! Long story short, I ended up spending a silly amount of money to buy lame candles i'm not going to burn till the fall. bleh...

Anyway, enough right now..must watch Lost!

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