Friday, April 6, 2007

Does this skin make me look fat?

So Gawain and I have been attempting to get pregnant now for the last 5 months. I'm not stressed at all that we haven't been successful in our attempts thus far because 1) this is our first try and 2) i've had like 2 periods in the last 5 months and so apparently my ovaries are "sleepy" as my gyno put it. Today I went to my normal DR and talked with him about all things getting prego. He said, based on my height and weight ratio that I may be having irregular periods and not getting prego b/c my BMI might not be high enough. That actually made me excited b/c i haven't been feeling so skinny lately and the stupid Biggest Loser competition at work has been making me even more stressed about losing 6 lbs. ANYWAY, so I call 24hr fitness up to see if they have any scale or device that calculates such things and they say come on in we'll calculate for you.

Meet Emilio, a soft spoken 20 something that seems to have no real intrest in my pursuit of my BMI and would rather just use his free gym membership to get even buffer than he already is. So he takes all of these measurements, around my neck, chest, waist, hips, arms, legs, and writes down all the numbers. Than he does the pinchy thing and pinches my bicep, tricep, back, and hip. Mind you, when he pinches my hip he can barely get anything to pinch. So he calculates it and at 5'7.5" and 140lbs I have no need to worry about my BMI being atleast 19 like my dr would like b/c according to his calculations it is 30. EXCUSE ME? Hopefully you connected to my link above and even figured you're own BMI out. HOPEFULLY you noticed that 30 and above means that I am obese. hmmm. Thats interesting. considering I look like this:

Now, I am quite silly at a lot of times and sometimes refuse to accept the truth of matters, but seriously, I'm pretty sure that I am NOT obese!!!!!

So Emilio goes on to question what my work out habits are, what my eating habits are, and ultimately would I be interested in some personal training sessions with him to get back down to a healthy BMI of around 24. Considering they are at the cheapest $50 a pop if I buy 30 sessions worth, I say no thank you and I will be quite content to be obese!

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