Saturday, April 7, 2007

El Gordo! El Gordo!

El Gordo paid us a visit last night.
El Gordo has been a friend of mine since about the age of 8. His family moved and then we commenced to grow up in the same general neighborhood, go to the same school, and go to the same church. Our friendship wasn't manlove at first site. We were generally friendly to each other during the early years. That really didn't change until we both started attending an early morning church class before school each day our freshman year of high school. Forged in the fog of 4 years of 6AM theological study, a real friendship was born. This grew threw typical high school deeds of eggings, toilet paperings, costume parties, dances, conquests of the opposite sex, sunday school, and sports.
As life is wont to do, the fall after we graduated from high school geography got in the way of our friendship. I moved away to go attend college, he decided to be a missionary for 2 years, then a year later I decided to be a missionary for 2 years. So, for the next 3 years we really didn't see each other at all and were limited to exchanging letters whilst out proselyting. So, in aught-three we were finally both back home for awhile and you know what? It was like we had never left. I do believe that at that point we went from really good friends to "willing to do just about anything for each" other friends. Over the next couple of years he was the best man at my wedding and we did something together a couple of times every week. Then, the nomad gene started to kick in for him. He was 23, living in his hometown, and didn't really like school or the job that he had. So, he went of to sound effects/recording school in Phoenix. He was in Arizona for a year then went off to Los Angeles to get into the movie business. Only, there was a problem, it turns out that he hated LA and didn't really like all of the grunt work that comes with working on the sound for movies and TV. (He just liked sound effects) Long story short (believe it or not, this is the SUPER short version of this story) he got his wits about him and decided to move home. He could find better work up here, his family and good friends are up here, there are many more fun things to do here. He arrived in back home a couple of nights ago. (with stops in Vegas and Utah to "see" some old friends on the way back) Vesper and I were pretty excited he was back in town and had him over for a BBQ and egg decorating last night. And the funny thing about real friends is how even though they've been gone for years at a time. It's like they never left. The warmth, the humor and the comfort of being in the same company is still there. Welcome home El Gordo. Welcome home.

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