Sunday, April 8, 2007

Your Eggs Are Showing

If there is one thing that Vesper and I love about Easter (besides the obvious religious aspects) is the decorating of eggs. Last year, much to our chagrin we didn't get time to decorate eggs and the only photo that was produced from that year was this steamy Doctor Octopus and Captain America shot.

Much to our delight we had the chance to decorate eggs both on Friday and Saturday nights with our friends El Gordo and Ms. Logic. The following are the festivity's blue ribbon winners.


Isabel said...
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Gawain said...

Well, I would also like to draw your attention to the tandem of eggs at the left-hand side of the picture that were the reason for the title of the picture. Also, you may be the only current reader of this blog. So, in the future, others may be as shocked as you at the title, and subject, of the picture.