Monday, April 16, 2007

What a wonderful...weekend?

So its been a long time since Gawain and I have had a really really really fun weekend. This is mostly due to the stupid weather that seems to spring up every weekend and also Gawain having terrible allergies since it is spring. Lucky for us, Gawain got tickets to the baseball game for Satruday. And they were GREAT tickets. We were sitting 40 rows behind homeplate on the lower deck. It was AWESOME!!!

Also great was the fact that we got a parking pass with the tickets so we got to park our beater 89 honda accord inbetween a canary yellow mercedes and a silver audi A6. The game was really fun. It was the Texas Rangers VS. the Seattle Mariners. Although I am a terribly uncoordinated person and have never played and excelled at sports, I do enjoy being a spectator. Theres just something about being in the midst of lots of people all excited about one thing. I suppose I just feed off the energy. So, a great reason I like to go to games is because you are allowed to eat all the disgusting things you would normally never allow yourself to eat and its ok. For instance, Gawain and I each had a BBQ pork sandwhich, a bag of potatochips, large lemonade, he had a cotton candy, I had a fruit kabob dipped in chocolate and nuts, and then I also had a bag of cracker jacks. mmmmmmmm......Anyway so the final score ended up being Mariners:8 and Rangers:3.

We then had to go to this square dancing thing for our church at a different church. OK, first of all I normally do not like to go to extra curricular activites for our church. Nothing personal, Gawain and I would just rather spend time together or with Isabel and the King. The problem is that we are on the Activites Committee for our church so we kind of have to go. Also, this particular activity, the Activities Committee main person was out of town and wanted me to advertise for this activity and get people to bring drinks. On the day I was supposed to advertise I totally blanked and left all of the flyers at home and didn't have anyone bring drinks. I did email everyone in the church, but that didn't seem to help because when Gawain and I show up, we are the only ones from our church there!!! The people from the other church all have a hungry look in their eyes like "new meat" and swarm to greet us and find out more about us, only to be disappointed on two counts that 1: we belong to another church and 2: we are the only ones from our church.....that's right. for the 1st hour we were the only ones there! The ironic (or not) thing is that it ended up being REALLY FUN!! and also everyone from the other church ended up being really really nice....we kind of want to go there now...perhaps we can move or something!

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