Friday, October 12, 2007

Where my girls at? From the front to back!

Once upon a time there were 5 very cute, smart, and popular blond haired blue eyed friends. They were the talk of the town and the life of every party. Every boy wanted them and every girl wanted to be them (in our minds anyway). They all eventually found guys that they allowed to marry them and there was much rejoicing. They would have only been TRULY happy if they all lived in 5 houses right in a row, but for now they would just have to find comfort and solice in their husbands/kids/pets.

Here we are in all our glory in front of our FAVORITE place RED ROBIN!

Just yummy sugar shots while we wait for our fries from RED ROBIN!

Small One about to go crazy because we aren't at RED ROBIN yet!

Flash forward about 5 years. It was now the 48th day of my (that is Vesper's) cycle and I was wondering where in the heck was my period??? I had taken a pregnancy test about a week and a half before and it had been negative (again!). I just wanted Aunt Flo to hurry up and come so I could get on with my life. On this particular morning, Gawain had gotten up to walk Froggy, and I decided that I would waste one more pregnancy test. This is what it said:

I was completely bewildered! Didn't it just say that I was't pregnant last week? I kind of walked in a fog that day and told Gawain after work. He was thrilled! I also was tricky and called Isabel to ask her who her OB/GYN was so that I would have a good one to go too. The next day I took my last pregnancy test, just to be sure. It was still positive!

A bean shaped thing growing inside Vesper that has a heartbeat!

I went to visit three of my four best girlfriends later that week. Small One looked so cute! She was pregnant with her second little boy and her 1st one was an absolute angel! Caboose also looked so happy. It been almost 4 years since I'd seen her and her 2 little boys were so cute and fun to play with. I was also extremely happy to see The Beast. She and her husband were letting me stay with them and we had a lot of fun cooking and torturing her husband (not cooking him, cooking for him!). I didn't tell them then since I hadn't had a dr. confirm that I was indeed with child, but I thought it was fun that Small One and I were pregnant at the same time.

We wish Mom could have been here to enjoy RED ROBIN with us!

A couple of months later, Small One and her hubby called to have me settle a bet for them. In the course of the phone call I let them know the "good news" and they also let me know that Mom was with child again. She hadn't been able to come to our little reunion seeing as she had just moved clear across the country and had 3 little ones and 2 huge dogs to look after. I was especially amused at her news because our due dates were within 2 weeks of each other!
A couple weeks after that, Caboose called to let me know that she was going to have a baby too! She was due only 2 days after Mom! At this, I was just like, this is SO weird!!! 4 out of 5 of us are preggers!!!!!! I would tell the Beast to hurry up and get pregnant, but she is v. busy studying v. hard at grad school to become an occupational therapist. Plus she's only got like 8 days b/c Small One is being induced on the 20th.

A crazy pregnant lady!!!!

I'm so happy for all of us! I only truly wish that we lived in five houses all in a row so that our kids could play and The Beast could do cognitive testing on all of them. That would truly be a perfect world. And also if we lived by a lake with a boat to zoom around in....

Congrats to everyone(you too Beast..I know you'll been done with school soon and that is really AWESOME!)

If only Charlie would have known about the 5 of us....he could have paid us in cute clothes and unlimited trips to RED ROBIN!


Also, Congrats to Isabel on getting her own column! I'm excited to read her words of wisdom!

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I came over here from Isabel's site and wanted to offer a great big congratulations!!