Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Do these crazy things really work?

Although I didn't want to turn this blog into a prego blog, the next couple of posts may be just about that. Today Gawain and I find out the gender of our unborn child. We have both discussed many times what we think/want it to be, and we just both really don't care. We just want it to be HEALTHY! My co-worker thinks that we are going to have a girl, because no matter how she puts it, basically she says my butt has gotten bigger ("changed in shape") since I've been pregnant, indicating a girl. Gawain says this is crap and decides now he wants a boy just to spite said co-worker. We decided that we would do all of the hocus pocus things to indicate whether we were going to have a boy or girl, you know, just for fun. Unfortunately, because I was having way to much fun shopping with Isabel and Babboo last night for party clothes for my Vegas trip, I didn't get home in time to try some out before Gawain went to bed. I did manage to find some quizzes online and thought I'd post the results for your viewing what do you think I"m going to have? Here are the facts:

  • 1st time baby
  • my butt has "changed shape"(gotten bigger)
  • I crave OJ
  • I was greener than green for the first trimester (ie: throwing up once a day)
  • maybe not as emotional as I could be
  • I've been told (one time) that I am carrying high

Cast your vote! Less than 7 hours till we find out for sure!

The old wives tales test results : Girl

Chinese calender: Girl

Mayan calander predictor-if age at conception and year are both even/odd-girl, different-boy, since I am 25 and its 2007, both odd so I guess that means-Girl

"I heard that whoever is more aggressive at the time of conception, the child will be the opposite of that sex . . . "-----hum I can't remember?

The difinitive list of signs you are having a boy or girl-I have a little bit of both lists...does that mean boy and girl twins?!?!??!

Like I said, put in your guess, I'll let you know for sure soon!


Isabel said...

I think it's a boy. But only because I want to give you Babboo's hand me downs.

Audrey said...

I'm going to guess a girl. Because Isabel already guessed boy and this way I have a chance at being the first to guess right.

Marie said...

Girl. Because God thinks it would be fun to see Gawain playing with dolls. Again.

Marie said...