Monday, November 5, 2007

And the sex is......

Sorry to wait till Monday and keep you in suspense, but we went to Vegas over the weekend and with Halloween and packing I just didn't have time to post a proper announcement.

The ultrasound was pretty fun. I do have to admit though, that when the lady put the ultrasound juice on my belly, I was expecting a shock of cold. Instead I got a shock of warm, borderline hot! Before I could stop myself, I had almost screamed "THAT WAS HOT!". The lady doing the ultrasound, who seemed to not be in a very good mood, also looked shocked and said "no its not." I was so embarassed that I just started giggling, and then laughing, and couldn't stop. I slowed down a little but then I would start up again. I think if it had not been for this, our ultrasound would have been a lot shorter.

For some silly reason, I thought the ultrasound was going to be like 5 min long. It was closer to 30 or 40 min long! It was so neat to see the baby, basically fully formed, with fingers, toes, feet, hands, a cute button nose, a brain, a little round mid section....the baby was perfect!

As we got down to the legs, the tech asked if we wanted to know the sex. We said yes! We were both getting very excited. She said ok and started taking measurments. "so this is a fe..." I knew it! Its a girl! "mur". Oh. Yes I know that that is a femur. "And then obviously this is a little Boy!!!!"
So Gawain and I are very pleased and excited to announce that we will have a mini Gawain grace our presence at the end of March!

PS: The dr. said that the little tike was a bit bigger than the supposed 19.5 weeks so the due date has been bumped up 5 days to March 20th. Her comment was "his head is pretty big...although that means he has a big brain." Te he, we have created a mad scientist!!

PSS: Froggy says "way to go mom and dad on giving me a new playmate!"

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Marie said...

Congratulations! The first player on your basketball team!

Poor little naked babies -- they think nobody could possibly be looking at them inside that dark place, but Big Brother's got an ultrasound machine, kids. Keep your legs together.