Thursday, November 15, 2007


With a little one on the way, Gawain and I decided that it was time to use our travel vouchers from Christmas time (when we got poo jabbed over and over from US airways) and take a trip. We set our sights on Las Vegas and this is what we discovered:

The Stratosphere, while awesome looking, is not in an awesome location, although our room was suprisingly awesome for how not awesome the rest of the casino was.

Why is it hard for people to take pictures of us AND cool background images? This is supposed to be us AND Caeser's Palace, not just us and something behind us.

The conservatory at Bellagio is very cool and was wonderful to walk around in all of its fall colors.

And it's cool water show.

Paris was also cool with the "Effiel tower"

And cool fountains?

Casino Royale...perhaps I'll see James Bond?

Or maybe I'll get lucky since this one is so huge?

Finally, someone who can take a picture of us in front of something (sort of).

One hott momma!

And one sporty daddy! (ps he killed the guy he was playing against, notice his awesome score)

Needless to say, we had a very fun time in Sin City!!

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