Friday, November 23, 2007

Its the most wonderful day of the year!!!

So today is Black Friday.


Even though Gawain and I finished our Christmas shopping weeks (read 2 weeks) ago, I still love to go out on this day and be in the middle of all the hub bub. Lucky for me, my two favorite shopping partners, Isabel and Sweet Baboo, will be joining me for the insanity(The King may show up too, I think he was still deciding whether or not to go, and Gawain would much rather work ((which is exactly what he's doing today)) than ever voluntarily go shopping on Black Friday).

We are going to check out Kohl's, which recently opened (hooray we finally got one) and see if there are any more cute things left after its 4am opening, and then I'm not sure where the surging sea of shopping madness will pitch us next(hopefully in the vicinity of JC Penny so I can get another pair of my favorite maternity pants ever).

I will now share my favorite stories from last year:

In Best Buy, I foolishly went around 10 or 11 am to check and see if there was a Wii for purchase (I'm sure we all remember the great Wii shortage of late '06, early '07). Of course there was not, but after parking in the very last space as far away from the store as possible, I was going to at least not take the front door guys word for granted and go check the shelf myself. Of course, once I made it to the shelf after crowd surfing there, there were no Wii's to be found (damn you Nintendo!) and I decided to split since there was nothing else I wanted in there.

On the way back to the front of the store, a harried lady came charging through the crowd, parting the sea of harriedness with a huge box. I literally saw a Best Buy worker jump onto a CD shelf to prevent himself from getting trampled! It was SO awesome!

I then went to Jo-Ann's to try and get some yarn for my mom. After finding the secret side of the store parking (ha ha suckers!) and strolled in and headed for the back of the store. I realized about half way back, that I was passing a bunch of people in a line with their carts overflowing with craft goodies. "hum, that's kind of weird" I thought. As I got to the yarn, the light bulb over my head finally clicked on.

Vesper: "excuse me, is this the line to check out?"

annoyed Black Friday shopper: (looking at vesper as if she is a retard) Yes

Vesper: "oh, thank you!"

The line was wrapped all the way around the entire store.

I couldn't believe it. I knew these kind of shenanigans happened all over the place on this day, but had never actually witnessed this phenomenon. Needless to say, I was not going to wait in that huge line to buy like 3 rolls of yarn, so again I bailed and high tailed it home, refreshed and invigorated with all of the extra shopping estrogen that had been in the air.

Hope you guys have awesome stories to share with generations to come of your crazy Black Friday experiences!!

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