Friday, December 14, 2007

Te he our tree!!


We finally assembled and decorated our Christmas tree last night!!! I am so thrilled that we actually have a tree this year. Traditionally we spend Christmas either with my parents far away and they have a giant tree or our Christmas spent here at home has been so busy that we haven't been able to think about getting a tree. Also our house is tiny and Gawain is allergic to pine trees so that hasn't helped either. Thankfully, Walgreens had a 3 foot tree for $10!! We decided it would be perfect, and here it is:

Behold the tree, both blessed and precious!


Also, Gawain and I need to register for baby stuff very soon ( my first shower is in a month!)! What are some absolutely must have things we should register for? We are quite clueless when it comes to this whole baby thing! Isn't the UGA onesie that my sister sent me enough?


Isabel said...

It is so cute. And the perfect size.


And you must be very careful asking the interweb what you should register for. They are very serious when it comes to stuff of that matter.

I suggest you register for diapers.

Dakin said...

Where to begin? There are so many wonderful baby items out there to make life easier for Mom. I have many, many of them, now that we're on number 3! I recommend having a vibrating seat (that saved our lives with Luke). Get one that you won't mind looking at everyday for months (some of them are pretty ugly). I have the papasan for number 3. Some babies also like the swing. Again, register for one you won't mind looking at for months. I got a bumbo for number 3 too. These are relatively new, but all my friends LOVE them. My favorite thing for baby is probably the active carrier by baby bjorn. This is an awesome carrier with amazing lumbar support, so that the weight of your baby is distributed nicely on your back. I could go on and me about specific items you're looking at. :)