Friday, February 1, 2008

Here comes the bride.....

I know that you are dying to here about our recent trip to Florida to see my family and also see my sister get married. So here is a photo journey of how it went!!!

Arrgh!! A pirate baby shower complete with strawberry pirate cake!!

The Mitt're just going to have to wait for Gawain's post about it...which should be soon.

Seeing "Mom" and her beautiful children!

Gawain with "Mom's" girls. He had fun playing with them while Mom and I chatted. He's also about to get slimed by their mastif/great dane mix.

Mom and I belly to belly. Yes I know I'm huge. Everyone I encounter is horrified to find out I still have approximately two months to go.

We had some interesting times with Minnie the pillow. She decided to kiss The Belly,

Beware of snakes,

And hang out in a tree at a rest stop on the way up to Atlanta for my sister's wedding.

While in Georgia, my brother went a little crazy with so many wedding things going on.

The Belly also went a little crazy and tried to attack my little sister.

And I was excited to be the knocked up matron of honor and go get my nails and toes done in a spa chair with a delish dark color on the hands and a french manicure on the toes for $33! Damn Georgia and their cheap prices!!!

My gorgeous Bride sister and her attendents

My gorgeous Bride sister and her new husband, laughing about how she told him in a hurried card that she "can't walk down the aisle" to him.

Me apparently trying to eat my new brother in law's face?
(I just follow this mantra: Give The Belly what it wants)

In all it was a tiring trip, but lots of fun to see my family and friends!!!

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