Monday, January 28, 2008

Froggy's Christmas (As retold in late January)

Rif ru rere rondering, ri ram rictating rhough Rawain. Translation - "If you were wondering, I am dictating through Gawain." (Gawain speaking here, as you can see, there is a need for me to interject myself into Froggy's narrative and remove the 'R's from his speech. So, these are his words, just not exactly phonetically represented.)

My Christmas started off very horribly but ended up okay.

The first horrible thing that happened was that Mommy dressed me up with a bow and a bell.

It was the most unmanly I have ever felt in my life. I'm horrified that Mommy made me take a picture.

So, in retribution I decided to tear at Santa's jugular for awhile.

Unfortunately, Santa's skin was composed of some sort of fibrous material, so I had to settle for ripping an eye off.

One of my favorite toys that I got was from my Grandma on Vespers side. It was a tiger that growls. Here is a video that Mommy took of me playing with my Tiger. It was pretty fun.

Mostly I just listened to Christmas carols and ate my special Christmas treats and passed out at 6PM. Christmas is alright.


Marie said...

Froggy, I'm sorry you felt unmanned by the bow and bell, but dressing up in silly Christmas attire is the price we all pay for Christmas treats. Then we dress up in silly gym clothes and go pay the price to be skinny again. It's a beautiful thing, the yearly cycle of Life and Hope and Fat Regulation.

Happy New Year to you, little froggy doggy.

Gawain said...

Rank Rou Rarie. Rorry Ri ridn't ranswer rooner. Rommy rand raddy rend ra rot rof rime ron rhe romputer. Ri'll remember rour radvice rext rear.