Wednesday, March 19, 2008

I Guess I Love to Embarrass Myself (One More Chance)

In an effort to find something a bit more interesting (read - ear bleeding) than my usual posts (the usual photolog or other non-interesting item) I've decided to embarrass the living crap out of myself.

Ever since 1996...yes, my freshman year of high school, I have had a 4-track, guitar (1 acoustic, 1 electric), bass guitar, keyboard, and a microphone and have spent countless hours having fun writing and recording (badly...i've never had the patience for perfection...or even acceptable quality standards) my own brand of music. I haven't really had time the last few years to record much music, and recently I've been pulling out some of the old songs for a listen. Here are my findings:

- I sing through my nose...though it gets better (or lesser) the closer we get to the present
- Occasionally I'm off-key (especially when self-harmonizing)
- I hate writing lyrics, and it shows
- I don't have the patience to go back and fix a bad note if there are only 1 or 2
- And as embarrassing as it is...and as much as I don't enjoy my voice...I actually found myself enjoying the actual instrumental portions of the music.

So, I've decided to post a song every week or so from my "back catalog". I have over 80 of them...but many are faaaaaaaaaaar too humiliating to we'll maybe trot out 20 or so.

One last item before we get to the horror...THE HORROR!!!. To act as a FAQ and head off the usual questions that come up...1) I do play all instruments and that is my voice singing poorly. 2) As a rule I don't write songs about myself or any situation I've been in. I knew it would be too awkward to talk about if I ever played them for anyone. There is only 1 exception to this rule...and I'll have to talk to the person I wrote it for to see if they're cool to have the song show up on here at one time or another. further adieu...I give you..."One More Chance" written in the year 2000. (spoken in the high pitch voice of Conan O'Brien)


Diana said...

that was really fun! the baby loved it too.

Gawain said...

I'm glad the baby loved it instead of screaming for you to make it stop.