Wednesday, April 2, 2008

The Birth of the Professor

Top 10 moments (good or bad) from Vesper's Labor and Delivery:

10: Vesper waking up with intense back labor at midnight on Wednesday March 26(umm I suppose actually Thursday morning then?). Even though its painful she is thrilled because that was the day she was supposed to be induced and she didn't really want to be induced.

9: After waiting 6 hours to go to triage (because we didn't want any chance of being sent home) we go in and luckily they decide at 3cm dilation and 90% effacement they will keep her, and her doctor says she can have an epidural at any time.

8: The whirlpool tub in the bathroom. Sitting in there for a bit was nice, and helped ease the back pain a little. All I have to say is I want one!!!! Unfortunately since back labor sucks, Vesper throws up twice and continues on the rest of the day on ice chips (not in the tub, eww that's gross!).

7: After 12 hours of labor, getting an epidural. Seriously, it was heaven!!! I truly admire those who can go with out one, especially if they have back labor, because it was AWFUL!! Vesper's Dr breaks her water after the epidural is in place.

6: The Angel of Mercy Nurse is the most awesome night nurse. She sponge bathed me and made sure I was cozy and then left Gawain and I alone, something the other nurses had not done the entire day (By this time it was like 8pm on Thursday (if you're counting that's 20 hours of labor by now) and I was only at 7cm and 95% effaced). The Dr (who was not MY Dr) lets me know baby is fine, but if I don't progress, "this baby has to come out somehow......."

5: Being alone with Gawain for awhile. Again A.M. Nurse ROCKS! Gawain and I just napped for awhile while the Dr was performing a c-section or two. When she gets back (around midnight, now 24 hours into labor) s
he is thrilled that I am finally 9cm and 100% effaced.

4: The epidural wearing off twice. Once around 8pm (luckily I got a boost) and again right before it was time to push. Oh yeah, and having an internal monitor for measuring contractions, that was interesting as well.

3: The Dr. sticking her hand up there and turning the baby the right way. I'm just SO glad I had half an epidural working.

2: 1am: DR: "Oh my goodness you're +3 its time to push, see there is his head!!!" A.M. Nurse and Gawain start coaching me while Dr goes and does one more c-section. When she gets back to catch, both her and A.M. Nurse are impressed with Gawain's coaching skills.

Dr: You are a great doula!

Gawain: I'm not a doula, I'm a Dudela!

And the number one moment from Gawain and Vesper's birth experience:::::::::::

1: Professor X being born at 147am on March 28, 2008. After almost 26 hours of labor and only 40min of pushing (thank goodness!) He popped out weighing 8lbs 15.6oz and measuring 21 in long. (DR: "Vesper look at him!! This is a huge baby!! I"m going to have to come back and see how much he weighs!")


Marie said...

He's so cute, and so wise-looking! I can see how he managed to go from "Baby X" to "Professor X" in just a few days. I hope we're all prepared for his first words: I know they'll be very profound.

Congrats on making it through -- the younger ones will be cake after all that :) And maybe Gawain should hire himself out as a Dudela.

Gawain said...

Ah yes, the wisdom of our youth is quite profound. I'm certain you remember the nimbleness with which he competed in your limerick contest. (Though, he quite bull-headily ignored the meter requirements) We can only hope his first utterance is as marvelous.

Anonymous said...

omgoodness, u did so well. crazzyness all that dilating/waiting/pushing.

he's cheeks are so yummy! cuuuteee professor x