Friday, April 4, 2008

Embarassment (When Will I See You Again?)

For those of you looking for an explanation for this atrocity, I've explained myself here.

This song was written in 1999. (For those browsing with IE you may need to click on the play button twice.)


Marie said...

Check out you and your multitracking skills! Very impressed! And I listened to the one you posted earlier, too -- I knew you had a keyboard, but I'd forgotten you played the guitar.

When do I get to hear a recording of that Hopkins poem you set to music?

Gawain said...

The recording of that musicalized Hopkins poem was turned in High School and never seen again. Mayhap as the Professor settles down into life I can snag a spare hour or so and rerecord it and post it. Then we can all share the butchery that I inflicted upon a magnificent poem.