Monday, April 7, 2008

Vesper's Tears of Laughter

Gordo came over to see Professor X and bring over the usual presents and offerings of joy and good will. As wonderful and darling as the presents from him and his parents were, the truly magical gift he brought was a DVD culled from a video tape of a 1989 performance that we were both a part of.

In the second grade my class put on a 50's and 60's musical spectacular for the school and our parents. I distinctly remember 3-4 performances over the course of a week or so. One was just for parents, another for the 6th graders (We were much more somber for that performance) I remember truly enjoying the practices and performances. Who wouldn't have fun when 8 years old singing and dancing around to such greats as "Going to the Chapel", "A Little Help From My Friends", "My Guy", "Yesterday", "My Boyfriend's Back" and "It's My Party". Vesper could not stop laughing through the entire video. It was very touch and go for awhile with Vesper's post pregnancy/labor incontinence issues. We (and the couch) were very happy that her strong will overcame her weak bladder.
I was, um, quite enthusiastic about the performance and was easily the most demonstrative of the Ricettes. But poor Gordo just wasn't into it. You can tell the little guy would have loved to be just about anywhere else in the world. Keep in mind that Gordo's parents took this video I was so crazy and out of control that they couldn't help but turn the camera onto me.

(Gordo is the shy one in the white circle, and Gawain is in the Orange circle. You know, the tall kid in khakis that is gyrating around the stage with reckless abandon. Trust us...the video is worth the slight load time.)


Marie said...

Bwaaahaha! You're such a ham. It's a good thing they chose Gordo to be the meek scolded dude in the second song, because Gawain would have boogied around and looked thoroughly unrepentant.

Gawain said...

Ham? I resent that. To me the term 'ham' means that the person is 'hamming' it up on purpose. I was just genuinely grooving to the music. I was blissfully ignorant of my awesomeness.

And yes...I would have boogied and probably shimmied as well.

Marie said...

I am sorry that I maligned your sincere looniness.