Monday, October 27, 2008

I finally did it!!!!!!!!

I am proud (and embarrassed) to announce that I finally did it! I finally finished the sweater for Gawain! After 2 years* (technically it was done last year at his birthday...I just needed to put on the zipper, which I was too lazy to do..) I finally finished it in time for his birthday(week). Happy Birthday Gawain!!!!!!

Sorry it took so long Gawain!

* I would like to note that it was not its difficulty holding me up, it was the fact that I am ADD when it comes to knitting, meaning I may have a huge project in progress, but will temporarily leave it to start and finish smaller projects like baby hats


Arizona Glades said...

Wow, I can't believe you made that! It looks awesome. Can't wait to see a picture of it on Gawain!

humulos said...

Danget! I want to see Gawain wearing it! Eaither way, well done my knit loving sister. Next step, car cozies. That's right. For those cold Seattle Winters. And Falls. And Springs. And Sea Lions.

In other news, speaking of Casino Royale, one of the Elders in my APT does Parkour. For an explanation of Parkour, watch the first 5 minutes of Casino Royale.