Monday, November 24, 2008

Yummy pies and Private Eyes

Oh the TV...

The inanimate object I have a love/hate relationship with.

Even though we don't have cable, or even basic network tv stations, somehow we manage to hear about and develop relationships with really good shows that end up getting cancelled too soon.

First case and point: Veronica Mars

Oh how I love thee!(Not in a I want to get with you sense, just in the your show is so damn awesome sense and why are you not with Logan sense???)

The love here is that this show is extremely addicting, as in I just rewatched the first and second seasons and it was all I could do not to put the Professor back to bed everytime he woke up from a nap so I could just keep watching. As in poor Froggy would dance around me trying to get my attention to take him on a walk. As in I would not want to eat, drink, or pee. Only watch Veronica Mars.

The hate here: Cancelled after the 3rd season! Who won the sherif's election? Will Logan ever win Veronica back? What will Parker do? What will Backup do?

(i'm crying a little right here....give me a moment...)

Well after that whole fiasco, I (we, Gawain and Me) swore we wouldn't get into anymore TV shows. Only Battlestar Galactica and Lost. Well, Battlestar Galacticas last season is coming up(sigh!) and Lost only has 2 more to go!

Enter Pushing Dasies.

My co-worker, Crusti, had told me that it was pretty good and I would most likly love it. Knowing the pact Gawain and I had made of not getting into any more TV shows I logged that away in the back of my brain.

A couple of months ago we started watching the first season.


It is like a modern day fairy tale. Ned is one hot pie maker. His love for (a girl actually named Charlotte) is so sweet. Olive is hilarious. So is Emerson Cod. It is eye candy to watch. And also delicious to watch both literally and figuratively beacuse of all the pies you see every epsode.

Alas, they are not even finishing their second season....they are being cancelled!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What will happen to Ned and Chuck? Will they ever touch? Will Emerson ever find his daughter? Will Olive ever find her homiopathic drug dealer?

I am again devestated (so is Gawain!).

But, because of all of the pie watching I've been doing, I have been inspired to make pies almost every day. Here are some pics to comfort you with, if you too are completely devestated from a favorite show that has been cancelled.

A pear-cranberry pie with lattice top

A "cup-pie" inspired by one of the episodes of "Pushing Daisies". This variety is a maple pumpkin.

Come on, you know you want to lick your screen right now....


Over Coffee said...

Wow! That pie looks so yummy! I am far from a cook/baker so I am always envious of those with such talent.
Thank you for visiting my blog & entering the act2 giveaway. They really have great stuff! Don’t forget to check back on Wed evening to find out if I picked you. I will keep my fingers crossed ;-)
If you would like, I can check with the owner of the company to see if they sell the fabric.

Arizona Glades said...

Wow, Vesper, that is the most beautiful pie ever. Great job! It looks so yummy! Also, I can't wait for lost to start next month!!!!!!!! Every time the commercial comes on I yell at everyone to be quiet so I can watch. :)