Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Knitting Project #1 and 2

In my quest to see if I can beat my project count from last year, I thought I'd keep track of it here.  Here are my first two projects, and you guessed it, they are baby hats!

This hat is a fusion of this pattern and this pattern.  Of course for the Professor!
This hat is for a very prego lady at church, who is due I think tomorrow, but only looks like she is about 5 months pregnant.  Whatever, I doubt her baby will be 9 lbs like the Professor was....


Arizona Glades said...

I love that pirate hat. So cute! Hey, guess what? This lady from church...who actually my hubby happens to home starting a knitting group. I already have needles (remember you bought them with me?) so I think I'm going to try to learn (again)! yay!

Dugi said...

wow talented u! how do u do that pirate pattern? so cute!