Monday, April 13, 2009

rBiggest Loser (not Really) Week 1 Report

  Well, week 1 of the Biggest Loser (not really) contest has come to its conclusion.  Here are the rankings:

  Those who have zero points (miles) are those who haven't reported their totals yet.  Hopefully they'll report in to Vesper sometime soon so we can update the chart.  An abnormal Monday has apparently put me barely in the lead after 1 week.  The perfect storm of perfect weather enabled me to run further than I usually do, to go on a long walk with Vesper and the Professor, AND to help terrace the backyard of our friends the Alls.  It was a points orgy through and through.  Since I am addicted to charts and spreadsheets and tend to be an utter nerd I've gone a bit nuts with my tracking spreadsheet here.  (Make sure you check out all of the links at the top to get the full effect.  And you better believe that if I think of any more ways to slice and dice the data I will.)  
  The biggest disappointment of the week for me was that I did not successfully complete the weekly challenge of no chocolate and 10 minutes of stretching a day.  In an unthinking moment on Friday night about 11 o'clock I ate 3 Oreo's.  After I had realized what I had done it took a LOT of effort not to scream vulgarities at the top of my lungs.  I would have been at peace if it had been a conscious decision to eat chocolate...but I was just looking for something sweet.  It was damnable to say the least.  Vesper and I are dead set on this weeks challenge of 30 minutes of exercise per day and no caffeine.
  All in all it was a pretty good start for the both of us.  Only 11 weeks to go and a Private to destroy on my end.  The first place prize would look nice on us.

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