Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Spring at last

So I've been meaning to post this for quite some time, inspired by my friend Caboose's blog when she did a similar post.  Enjoy the first signs of spring (from like a month ago actually....)

Tiny daffodils under our douglas fir in our front yard

A cluster of crocuses...croci?....anyone, the plural please?'d have to ask Gawain...I'm not sure but they're pretty!

Spring: new life bursting forth from the dirt...sure is something, isn't it?

Happy Spring!


Dakin said...

Does Gawain have a wealth of knowledge in the florist department I'm not aware of?

Yesterday I cleared out a bunch of weeds in the hopes of starting an herb garden...if we don't move that is.

Gawain said...

Wealth would be a strong word for it. More like a bill-fold of knowledge acquired from gardening with my mother growing up. That particular plant is a Lungwort (pulmonaria) that was actually transplanted from my mother's yard. Good luck with the herb garden if it comes to fruition.

California Glades said...

Love those pictures. Especially the daffodils. Hey, do you have an extremely awesome DSLR too??? I'm so jealous!!
PS. Been looking forward to this years totally cool Easter eggs - you guys always have the neatest ones!