Friday, April 17, 2009

The price is right!

In an effort to help us Gawain win the Biggest Loser competition , I have been trying to buy more veggies and fruits. Just 5 servings is an easy one point. Actually we really like veggies and fruits any way, and tried to eat plenty before the competition. I'm sure you know that they aren't exactly cheap.

Enter Lee's Market.

A couple of months ago we were at a party and some friends told us about this market where all of the produce is really, really cheap. Like they had bought 2 avocados for like a dollar. Dude! I had just bought one avocado that day for like 2 dollars! They said that it was in White Center and I should check it out.

Ok, I have a confession to make. I am TOTALLY TERRIFIED of White Center.

Yes, it is basically only 2 blocks from my house, but seriously, it is like one of the ghettos of Seattle. You only have to say "White Center" and people you are talking to are like "Ohhh...." like "Oh dear I can't believe you are still alive." Like seriously, in the first couple of months that we lived here, our car was broken into 3 times, the second time, the stereo and speakers were stolen and the third time the starter was destroyed in an effort to start and steal the car. The main drag of white center has at least 3 porno shops, which like to display the nativity scene at Christmas time and there is just overall general seedy-ness. I hate to stereotype, but, there you go.

ANYWAY, I decided since times are tough and money is tight I would overcome my fear and go to this Lee's market and check out the produce.

Pictured below is a typical trip to the market. Please guess how much I spent.

Go on, guess!

Can you believe everything pictured above (except the dog) was only $9.10???? I'm serious! I can barely believe it myself!

It works like so:

Already bagged things are $1.25. Anything not bagged is either 3 for a $1 or 2 for $1 or some insanely cheap amount per lb. In fact, I go in there so often, sometimes the nice lady behind the counter just lets me have stuff for free (like a single jalapeno pepper or a tiny little thing of ginger). There is a catch, in that they don't always have the same things (like for a while they had a giant bag of romaine hearts for $1.25, haven't seen that in a while) but if you aren't picky they have lots of stuff to enjoy. The best thing we've found twice now is a bag of about 50 key limes for $1.25. at the store 1 lb (about 30 limes) is 4.99, and it takes 22 limes to make our favorite dessert. The quality is actually suprisingly good for the price you are paying. I see them outside pulling off the bad bits of lettuce and bok choy and just putting the good stuff in bags. They may be smoking while they are doing it, but hey, I wash it all of when I get home anyway, right?

Here's to hoping you have something as equally awesome in a ghetto neighborhood close to you!


Dakin said...

That's awesome. I'm all about a good know!

We have an "old produce" section at our grocery store that I always buy our fruit and veggies off of. You never know what you'll find, but its usually bruised, but hey we just don't eat that part and its about 1/2 price!

Here's to saving a buck wherever you can!

Leah Z said...

Just last night --

Hold on. I want a cool alias too. I'll be ... Mingo. My other half can be Pants.

Just last night, Pants and I were saying how lucky we are to live near a store, Jin's, like the one you described. Ours is across the street; not sure what it says about our neighborhood.

We can't afford to buy lunch everyday, but, thanks to Jin's, we take some killer salads: red tomatoes, yellow peppers, green romaine, purple onion, white mushrooms and black olives.

We've also enjoyed becoming red and yellow pepper snobs. No green for us!

I'm so glad you're in the club too.

California Glades said...

Wow, that is amazing. I love your labelled picture too, especially the foot part.

No, seriously, that is amazing, just be careful in White Center! :)

Apryl said...

OMG, White Center? Isn't that where... (fill in blank here, prostitute, drug deal, rat infestation, blah blah blah). Don't worry, my Mom wouldn't walk around the block in Georgetown cause she was scared. But we made it out alive. Go Ghetto Living!