Saturday, June 13, 2009

Embarassment (You)

For those of you looking for an explanation for this atrocity, I've explained myself here. Also, if you want to laugh some more you can go here.

Um, if any of the negative 5 people that read this blog have enjoyed laughing in the past, sorry I've completely forgotten about this. I promise to update silly, nasally delivered, songs more often in the future.

This song was more a result of my liking my keyboard rather than having a song. Sorry again for the compressed sound, but these are back from my 4 track days, and I really didn't know what I was doing. It's funny to look back at these songs and remember how much I enjoyed doing this.

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Leah Z said...

This is awesome. I loved listening with the perspective of acquaintance. Usually when I hear a song like this I don't know who it's about, I assume the lyrics were mass produced, and I'm not listening to hear a personality. Knowing you gave it so much more meaning.

On a side note, I distinctly remember the withering you look you gave me on day in high school when I suggested you try writing some EFY music.