Thursday, July 5, 2007

In Which I Act Like a 3-year old

I just thought I would post some pictures I made with my 9-year-old Cousin Soccerboy. Whenever Vesper and I head over to Kirkland to see our extended family Soccerboy begs either of us to go off and play video games, watch TV, or other nonsense. I usually turn him down in favor of talking with my relatives but on this occasion I was intrigued by Big Apple's mac book and the crazy contortionist pictures that could be taken with it. So I sat down for 5 minutes and did my worst. He (and apparently I am too) is quite the silly one. (My cousins Big apple and Horsey also make an appearance in the 3rd picture) The 2nd picture is by far my favorite of the group. It's fairly disturbing.


Jihan said...

Umm.... sweet photos! If only you looked like that in real life...

It was stellar seeing you and Vesper at Isabel & zee King's yesterday! Becoming friends with Isabel turned out to be a two-fer deal since now we have YOU GUYS to cavort around with! YAY!

A promise of extra delcious cookies at our next shin-dig. You need to let Vesper come to my "Purse & Jewelry Party" next Friday, the 13th.

Marie said...

Oh wow -- Soccer Boy is really getting big! (and twisted) You guys are freaks. I wish I'd been there -- I don't even need Photobooth to look that messed up.

How did K get the nickname Horsey?

What would you call me, if you were trying to hide *my* true identity from the cyber-masses?