Sunday, March 23, 2008

Easter 2008

Ah Easter, finally the passage of the rite to finally wear spring things again, you know, white shoes and white pants, etc. Unfortunately for me, the weather was particularly horrendous this Easter, and I was forced to wear a big ugly rain jacket over my beautiful mostly white Easter outfit. Oh well, spring will get here eventually in Seattle, you know, by July the 4th or so!

Froggy posing with our Easter baskets and his tiny Easter egg that had a squeaky lobster and dog treats. Seriously, he's lickin' his chops already excited about it!

Gawain and I pose for our annual Easter shot, hopefully this is one of my last pregnant shots, considering I'm past due and set to be induced on Thursday.

Decorating Easter eggs, always a treat when using Star Wars egg decorating kits!

Also thought we would try out an Transformers egg decorating kit, clearly not as cool.

The completed Star Wars egg series for this year. See how it compares to last year's set!


Marie said...

Where'd you get those great Star Wars shrinky egg things? Yoda looks especially great in egg form.

I'll be thinking of you on Thursday and sending good luck vibes from afar. Can't wait to see pictures of the bambino!

Dakin said...

I love your hair in this picture--it reminds me of college when we spent soooooo much time getting dolled up. It's beautiful. I wish I had the energy to curl my hair these days!

Gawain said...

I believe that the star wars "shrinky things" were purchased at our local area Target. They truly did bring the spirit Easter to our family observance.